Availability of clinics in Japan

Unfortunately, only a few medical facilities in Japan are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During national holiday seasons (New Year, Obon, etc.) clinics and hospitals are usually closed, which means that the access to clinics in case of an emergency might be limited.

If you feel bad or have some disturbing symptoms before a holiday season, it is strongly advised to visit a clinic in advance.

How to access emergency services in Japan?

Dial 119 for the ambulance. You will be connected to the nearest fire station, and the ambulance will be dispatched from there. You can also dial 119 in cases of fire or rescue. The calls are free to make from public phone booths or your smartphone.

State your name, condition, and address. English services are limited, therefore it is important to speak slowly and clearly. Learn more about Japanese phrases to use in case of an emergency.

In order to prepare for an emergency, it is important to:

Make a habit of carrying your health insurance, ID card, university card, and credit card with you all the time.

Learn how to correctly pronounce your home address and phone number in Japanese.

Ambulance fees

Transportation via ambulance is free of charge, however, the care fee will be charged. Having a health insurance in Japan will cover approximately 70% of your medical fees.