A Guide To Visiting A Clinic in Japan

Hospital or Clinic?

In most cases, you won’t be able to attend a hospital without an additional fee or a recommendation letter.

Clinics are the best choice for a preliminary examination!

Choose what kind of doctor you want to visit

There are many specialties of doctors in Japan. Search for a doctor with Ambii within your reach based on your symptoms.

Time to make an appointment…

Check whether the clinic you want to visit has an online or call reservation, or if you could simply walk-in for an appointment! Use our concierge service for assistance with reservation making.

What to bring?

Do not forget to bring your Japanese health insurance as well as your identification for a smoother experience. Bringing cash might be a good idea since not all clinics accept credit cards.

If it is not your first visit to a specific clinic, bring your clinic card with you to save reception time!

During your visit to the clinic

After completing the necessary procedures at the reception, you will be invited for an appointment, usually lasting between 30-60 minutes. Be strict on time of your reservation since you might lose it due to a large number of patients.


After your appointment, complete the payment and proceed to receive your medications at the pharmacy. Some medications can be bought in local drugstores!